Our story

Serious Jam had it's first glimmer one lovely summer day when the strawberry picking was abundant and the competitive spirit was high between my husband, Kern, and I. After picking far too many berries for two people to eat, I decided to make some jam and give it away to our friends and family. They loved it and requested 'more, please!' Fast forward 2 years later when I decided to start a business with this "jam thing" and was trying to come up with a name for my company. I wanted a name that was serious and not too adorable. I wanted to start a serious jam company that focused on supporting organic and local farmers, and that used old-school jam making methods.  A friend listened to all this and mentioned that, perhaps, I had already named it. OH!  And so, Serious Jam was born. 



Our flavors

Serious Jam is all about creating modern flavors using classic techniques. We love finding fruit BFF's and making them into preserves. Salted Strawberry? Yes. Blueberry Bourbon Sage? Absolutely. Black Currant Smoked Vanilla Bean? Please and thank you. Our jams are useful for so much more than toast (although, toast!). Our jam friends use them in cocktails, on breakfast yogurt, between cake layers, as a meat glaze, on grilled cheese sammies, in stir-fry, on ice cream. Or, on a spoon straight from the jar --we judge not. 

Check out the Jam Shop for what's currently in stock and the Small Batch Market with our own collaborations and good things from some of the most talented people in the state!